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ITLB was founded to make reliable, efficient, secure, and well-architected system infrastructure to all companies, organizations and teams. The main team is a very talented and experienced with over 20 years IT background. Our passion to develop better technical solutions to businesses motivated us to put all our efforts in this company.

Founder, CEO of ITLB Services

The founder of ITLB Services, Mr. Hmayed has a PhD in Computer and Communication Engineering and published scientific articles in his domain. In addition to his academic record, Mr. Hmayed has over 10 years’ IT background and significant Software Development, Digital Security, and Innovation Solutions experience.

With his passion, academic background, and experience Mr. Hmayed brings a unique mix of skills to your project



After we help you evaluate and configure your IT infrastructure to mitigate risks and enhance performance, we set it up to support your business. We outsource the finest software from the most renowned international firms, such as our close allies at Microsoft and CISCO to provide you with a top notch, and user-friendly IT infrastructure. We set up fully-equipped data centers and server rooms for banks and other organizations, with full monitoring from one central point. We set up backup systems for all servers; there is no target too big or too small, we design and set up servers fit for individuals or enterprises.

Types of Infrastructures:

–          Exchange and Email management systems

–          IT Security Infrastructure:

–          Storage, backup, and disaster recovery solutions

–          Data center security solutions

–          Antivirus and SPAM solutions

–          Storage Management

–          Storage Area Network (SAN)

–          Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Web Development

Build your own professional website to embrace your business (partnership with Dprim Solutions).

Telecoms and Networks

Physical layer solutions, Network design and implementation including wireless, copper, and optical fiber infrastructure.

Consultancy and Maintenance

– Whether you are looking for an IT consultant or support for your server and desktops, we at ITLB Services help you think and plan before making IT decisions. We guarantee great outcomes through cost effective methods. We teach individuals and corporations how to tackle and install technology more efficiently via training sessions, keeping people constantly updated.

–          IT Consultancy services to support your IT staff or to act as your CIO

–          Yearly Maintenance Contracts

Scheduled training sessions

Network Security Assessment and Penetration Test

The internal network security assessment, which is also called internal “penetration test” or internal “ethical hacking,” is a process that simulates an insider hacker who could be either a malicious employee or an attacker who has gained illegal access to the internal perimeter of the organization. Malicious insiders pose a greater threat than external attackers, and as such, ensuring the internal security of the organization should be taken seriously.

The internal network security assessment typically involves the following tests:

  • Traffic eavesdropping and hijacking
  • Attempts to gather confidential information, such as, emails or documents
  • Attempts to obtain administrative and users’ passwords
  • Attempts to exploit internal SQL and Web servers
  • Attempts to exploit the internal Email servers
  • Attempts to exploit the internal FTP and SSH servers
  • Assessing the wireless network security

The external network security assessment, which is also called external “penetration testing” or external “ethical hacking,” is a process that evaluates and assesses the security posture of the corporate’s Internet presence.

Although our penetration test assesses any Internet-facing server, device, or a service, it typically involves assessing the following assets:

  • DNS Servers
  • Web (http/https) Servers
  • File (ftp) Servers
  • Remote Access (citrix/rdp/ssh) Servers
  • Mail (smtp/imap/pop3) Servers
  • Routers and VPN Gateways
  • Firewalls and IDS/IPS

Cloud Solutions

We enable you to leverage the transformative power of the cloud to simplify your development and operations processes, and gain new insight into your customers. Migrating to the cloud or upgrading in the cloud is a critical undertaking for your business and our expertise will ensure the initiative is a success.

Software Solutions and App Development

Our team guarantee to deliver the best customized software solutions with the latest features and efficiency.

Some of our Clients

Our team provided professional solutions for tens of medium and large size companies, installed and maintained hundreds of switches and server and developed many software solutions.

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Poule D’or
(8 branches )

MDTC Center

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Al-Mahdi Schools
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